Our Story

Experienced financial guidance at a transparent, affordable fee.

Setting You on the Path to Financial Success

The trio of Edward Sokolowski, Joseph Leonczyk, and Charles Myers saw a need in the marketplace for a financial advisory firm that provided a comprehensive, relationship-focused approach to financial planning. This led to the creation of Pioneer Valley Financial Group in 2002, operating based on their core mission to help their clients and community live better.

Nearly two decades later, the ever-growing PV team identified a new need in the marketplace: A program geared towards guiding the younger generations along their journey to financial security and literacy. Welcome to PV Navigator, your one-stop shop for financial goal setting, budget & saving, investment education, debt management, retirement planning, and everything else a who’s a financial newbie would need to know!

Financial Planning Program

Navigator is a membership-based program designed to give you access to our financial coaches as you design your own personalized plan for the future. Whether it’s guiding you through situations as small as learning how to save those extra few dollars each month by switching your coffee habits or unsubscribing to that streaming service you never use, or as big as figuring out what the terms 401k or IRA mean, we’ll be there to help!

If you find you’re further down your financial path than what PV Navigator has to offer, please visit our primary wealth management site PVFinancial.com to learn more about the other services we provide.